404 error – file not found

posted bystav
June 12th, 2008

WTF? Don’t make me ring the help desk!

The standard response code for a file that does not exist or has been moved is called a 404 error in HTML. Not everybody understands it and it doesn’t pop up as much as it used to but at least you know than when the message comes up, what you’re looking for just isn’t going to come up.

So what’s with the bloody screaming then? I’ve burped him, I’ve changed the nappy, I’ve checked the nappy again and nothing. He cant be hungry – he’s just been fed. So what’s the problem? There’s nothing there.

In this technological age, something missed the boat when they were handing out DOS operating systems. The new generation must have got lost back in the Y2K farce. “I’m typing the URL but nothing is coming back”. What happened to upgrading platforms when it comes to newborns.

The model I have doesn’t respond to hitting the reset button. There isn’t even an on / off switch. This model is completely wireless so I cant even take the plug out of the wall. Wireless broadband? nah – He doesnt even need a dodgy dial up to get his message across. The shriek through the darkness in the middle of the night crackles through the static of the baby monitor and cuts through the night like a Furi chefs knife.

CTRL/ALT/DEL – it works for everything else. Reboot? Maybe I should just bite the bullet and switch to MAC – nah – that would be like BBQing on a Weber.

Who’s settling who?

posted bystav
June 12th, 2008

Not sure whether dobbie or Wilson is getting the settling benefit here.
Wilson and Dobbie


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June 12th, 2008

Need more sleep.

Flat out

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June 11th, 2008

We have a heap of photo’s of Wilson, up, out and about but have been so busy with the everyday, “in’s and out’s” of new parenthood that we haven’t posted them up. I hope to get onto it tonight but dont get too excited because I might not either.

Now, while we’re waiting for Wilson to go to sleep….

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May 31st, 2008

I need to make a couple of big thanks to GG for helping out with some much needed domestics the other day.

I hadn’t realised just how much stuff you get through when you have a small person in the house. The amount of washing, amongst other things just piles up before you know it. It’s not just the bin that gets full.

If there is any advice I can give anybody in the early stages of a newborn’s life, dont refuse the help. Visitors are great but people coming around who can offer some help are probably the most appreciated people so far ( above and beyond the call of duty, GG did about 4 loads of washing the other morning – thanks). The routine for settling into a new life as well as the strain on sleep means that some of the chores take a back seat. Never knock back the offer of somebody dropping off prepared food packages either.

Dobbie, GG and Sam have sent some stuff around which have been easily prepared with the help of the microwave. Jane bought a loaf of homemade bread over as well. It’s invaluable nutrition for us which makes transition a lot easier. Thanks to you all.

And to those of you who have sent gifts – thank you. We’ll be posting up our appreciation and contacting you shortly.

Sleep – “The Captain” doing his part to end the war on terror.

posted bystav
May 31st, 2008

I’ve heard that sleep deprivation has been used at Guantanamo Bay as a form of interrogation and torture on their inmates. In fact, there is a wikipedia entry on the subject.

Although the US authorities are relatively tight lipped on the subject, if the technique is being used, then I have a theory.

I reckon the US guards sweep the village in the area and engage the help of mothers with newborn children. They take the babies to the holding cells and tell each prisoner that they must care for each baby as if it were there own. As the baby reaches an age that they can settle easily, they then rotate the babies with new ones and continue the process. This is not unlike what is going on here at the moment.

Poor TK is surving on about 4 – 6 hours sleep a day. This sleep is taken in 1 to 2 hour spurts. I’m not far behind and lucky to claim that in the last 3 days I’ve racked up 20 hours of intermittent sleep.

We even resorted to ringing the midwives last night to see if, as new parents, there was something we were doing wrong.

When you’re this tired your judgement and reflexes are definitely impaired. Performing relatively simple tasks like hanging out the washing suddenly take on a new level of complexity. We are finding that we get half way through some chores to realise 10 minutes later that we are now doing something completely different to what we set out to do. Developing and sticking to routine is hard because you cant remember what time you decided you would a: feed baby, b: change baby, c: bath baby, d: what was I saying?

For years I’ve wondered why people have those little yellow signs on their car windows that proclaim, “Baby On Board”. I mostly thought that it was some sort of way to complete the ultimate accessorization and blatantly advertise that they are now “Family”. I now know, after driving around a bit today, it’s a warning sign. It’s a warning that the driver of the car is sleep deprives, will be thinking irrationally, is totally unaware of what’s going on around him/her, and is driving with the impairment, judgement, skills,and disregard for the safety of others as a person driving with a blood alcohol level over the legal limit.

Sleep deprivation brings on a light headiness and ………….sorry…. what was that?


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May 29th, 2008

Just another gratuitous pic of our boy as he changes daily.
Wilson Riley Captain Kirk


posted byTK
May 28th, 2008

Hello…it’s mum here, I’ve made it through the first 6 days, just.

Can I just say “How amazing is it being a mum?” Words just can’t decribe it!!!

And, as for little Wilson “He is the tinniest thing that I ever decided to put my whole life into”

And, as for my husband “He is the best daddy ever and I can’t describe the deep bond and connection that comes from sharing the experience of  childbirth together”   


OMG!!!! What a whirlwind that has been. No one told me that breast feeding was such an art. It was off to Breast Feeding Support Group yesterday before my poor cracked leaking nipples fell off and little Wil died of hunger. Not that that would ever happen with all the mod cons these days there is ample supply of breast milk with the super AVENT Electric pump.

 JESUS!!!!! A week ago I was sitting here planning out my new fitness regime and getting back to work and planning my days with my new baby, now all I think about is feeding my new beautiful little boy, changing his bum, settling him again and stopping the milk supply from dripping all over the place. WHERE’S THE OFF BUTTON?

Thanks to Aunt Jane for the tips on feeding which got me through to the class yesterday and the lovely ladies at the Sandy Hospital I feel as though I’m going to master this feeding in no time.

Sorry in advance to those friends I haven’t yet returned your calls or text messages, I will get back to you real soon.

Thanks to everyone that popped in for a visit at the hospital and for all the gorgeous presents and for those wanting to visit hold off for a week or two that way I might even be up for a chat when you get here, but right now all I have time for is EATING, SLEEPING (sometimes), SHITTING (it’s a struggle) and REPEATING!!!!

Catch you soon :)