The “Santa’s little helper”, homemade photoshoot.

posted bystav
December 9th, 2008

Couldn’t resist a little Christmas cheer.

Dont let this innocent face fool you.

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August 30th, 2008

Clyde looknig his sunday best
His head is starting to get wider………. whatever that means! (click on Clyde for a few more pics)

Gratuitous dog post

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June 22nd, 2008

The dogs are adjusting well to the new life with an extra person in the house. I think they are enjoying it except, with the time constraints, they dont get walked as much.

Clyde is funny – every time Wilson cries, he frowns.
Bonnie and Clyde

Day 1 Maternity leave

posted byTK
April 18th, 2008

17th April 2008 ( 31 days till due date)

5.30am- “Stav turn the light off, I’m on Maternity leave”. Heartburn already so take first serving of MYLANTA for the day.

6.30am- Sick of trying to sleep in so decide to grab mobile, lay in bed and sort out contact group with all the friends to notify of the birth. (by the way, subscibe to the RSS feed from this site to get all the info and pics as it happens)

7.00am- Better write the hospital number on whiteboard for Stav (just in case I have the baby today) and put signs and symptoms of early labour pamphet on fridge (mental note to pack hosptial bag at some stage).

7.30am-So much to do, I need to start a list.

7.45am- Hungery EAT breakfast, heartburn, 2nd serve of MYLANTA


8.10am-Check e-mails, bank balance (should be able to live for the next month or two), weather, msn hubby, feed dogs, shower, add more to list of things to do.

9.40am- Cindy calls (sister in USA), chat for at least an hourr about babies, food, good coffee, the weather, becoming desperate housewives and then the interception of call waiting, gotta go check who that is.

10.45am- GG (Granny Gayle) calls, will be over in an hour to go shopping. clean up, marinate meat for dinner (good housewife),hang out load of washing, move things from one side of the baby room to the other, delivery for Stav of bike tyres arrives (I sense a new project).

11.30am- GG arrives, Bon and Clyde go nuts, we have scones and coffee (EAT), feel like a SLEEP already, puruse the baby shower presents again and move them around a bit more, pack all the stuff that Dobby (favourite Mother-In-Law) has kindly offered to wash in her sterile washing machine before bubs arrives, which means I may even get that hospital bag packed in the next week now.

1.30pm- “GG it’s nearly 2pm we better go”, head to Franga to photoshop, hungry again, EAT healthy sanga from foodcourt and fruit this time, bank, trek several other shops of importance, grocery shop, need to go to toilet, SHIT again (what’s that about), back sore now, maternity leave is hard work, I never work this hard at work.

4.00pm-Phone rings, SHIT, it’s Stav, busted at the shops again, “coming home now darling”.

4.30pm-Home now, hubby home, general chit chat

5pm-Stav off for 5.30pm wax appointment, recliner is looking good, SLEEP.

6.15pm-Stav home, “darling I’m to tired to cook dinner”, Stav cooks , Chicken Souva’s, EAT.

7.30pm-Choc Wedge (moved on from Magnums, way to many calories), feel heartburn coming on, read back of MYLANTA bottle, “contains Sorbitol and Xylitol, may cause diarrhoea in some people”, PHEW!!! I’m not in early labour.

8.00pm-feel lids shut.

1am- Woken by Clyde licking my feet, still on recliner, head to bed, Stav should have got a solid 5hours sleep in now, please no heartburn, please no heartburn.

3am- toilet.

4.30am-toilet, MYLANTA.

6.00am-“Stav, why arn’t you at work?” Won’t be having a day like yesterday.

A Dogs Life

posted byTK
April 18th, 2008

Bonnie and Clyde

17th April, 2008 

Clyde- Hey Bon, mum must be home today, it’s light outside and she hasn’t opened the door yet.

Bon- She must be having a sickie or on Annual Leave again,  “Where’s our breakfast?”

Clyde-Open the door mum, I can hear you in there, I’ll scratch the backdoor, that always gets her moving.

Bon-Here she comes, why doesn’t she take us to the park anymore, lazy bitch.

Clyde- I might chew something up, that should work, here’s a pen the ground, I wonder how long it will take her to notice, “Clyde give me that”, shit that was quick, 2 minutes, she’s on the ball today Bon.

Bon- Have you noticed how fat mums getting?

Clyde-that’s cause she doesn’t take us to the park anymore .