I’m a Supermodel!!!!

posted byTK
February 20th, 2009

This is me when I was 4.5 months old with my mate Zac who I met at mums group. We did a photoshoot together for Australian Country Spinners in the Shephard Catalogue. We just got the mazagine.

The photogragher called us “grumpy old men”. Not sure why!!!

“Don’t laugh Zac, you have one on your head as well”

That’s all for now

From “Made in Thailand”( the blog): Plastic Baby Bottles

posted bystav
January 25th, 2009

Plastic Baby Bottles
I had no idea that nasty chemicals in some plastics can be relaesed under heating and ingested until I was scanning through this blog and found a very interesting article.

I think I’ll start having a look at the NUK stuff that we use and make sure nothing untoward is happening.


Studies by the CDC found bisphenol A in the urine of 95% of adults sampled in 1988–1994[56][57] Infants fed with liquid formula are among the most exposed, and those fed formula from polycarbonate bottles can consume up to 13 micrograms of bisphenol A per kg of body weight per day (?g/kg/day; see table below).[58][34][59] and in 93% of children and adults tested in 2003–04. The most sensitive animal studies show effects at much lower doses, while the EPA considers exposures up to 50 µg/kg/day to be safe.

Consumer groups recommend that people wishing to lower their exposure to bisphenol A avoid canned food and polycarbonate plastic containers (which shares resin identification code 7 with many other plastics) unless the packaging indicates the plastic is bisphenol A-free.[60] The National Toxicology Panel recommends avoiding microwaving food in plastic containers, putting plastics in the dishwasher, or using harsh detergents, to avoid leaching. [61]

More on the chemical here.

I’m surprised that we haven’t been told about this in the mainstream media.

Thanks for the heads up Cory.

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I’ve just discovered Mr. Men

posted bystav
January 24th, 2009

I missed all this. It was way after my time as a child and through my life, never really cared. But we have a Mr. Men collection at home and tonight I connected with it.

Well,  not quite, but I cook, I clean, walk the dogs, work hard (scoff) and try and keep my hair clipped.

Well, not quite, but I cook, I clean, walk the dogs, work hard (scoff) and try and keep my hair clipped.

The Sheraton Majestic

posted bystav
January 18th, 2009

Wilson’s first time camping. We headed down to the campsite for a little trial run before the big stay in a few weeks.

Click on any of the photos for the full size image.

And we even had time for a roll!

posted bystav
December 22nd, 2008

With new treads on the croozer, we couldn’t wait to get out for a roll. We had enough time to take a pootle up to the river.

A beautiful morning to sit down on the bank for a few minutes and watch the boats.

The “Santa’s little helper”, homemade photoshoot.

posted bystav
December 9th, 2008

Couldn’t resist a little Christmas cheer.

The small, rubber, french girrafe – Sacre Bleu!

posted bystav
December 2nd, 2008

Sophie – apparently, in France, they are standard issue for kids. “Hand made in the French Alps from all natural rubber” is what it says on the box. Sounds more like a description for a washed rind cheese from the Alps.

Anyway, Wilson loves it, and when he, unbeknown to us, threw his original one from the pram while we weren’t looking, there was hell to pay. TK frantically googled around to find a replacement. Sure enough, they are from France!

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New things, dingles, dangles and doovahs

posted bystav
December 2nd, 2008

We’re changing a few things around and trialing the flock browser for blogging. I’m sort of hoping that it might make it more conveninet to post up an image and get any random occurances up here and online. As always, with me and things technology, expect a couple of train wrecks along the way.

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